Inevitable Theatre Company celebrates a broad spectrum of theatrical expression by producing dynamic works for the stage that engage and transform audiences and artists alike: intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually; thus releasing our full human potential and imagination.

ITC believes the primary function of theatre is to entertain, but it also maintains that its responsibility as an artistic entity is to honestly reflect the culture of the world around it. Companies like ITC have the power to preserve well-established performance traditions, while at the same time providing a bold, dynamic forum for provocative new voices and diverse points of view.

ITC will always attempt to provide its audiences with intelligent, daring theatrical productions and seasons that seek to empower, educate, and cultivate the best of humanity by presenting plays that are structurally innovative, philosophically challenging, provide strong roles for actors, and address significant historical and social issues. In addition, ITC will promote a distinctive, vibrant visual performance aesthetic by employing designers and directors who are imaginative, resourceful, willing to take risks, and embrace the innately theatrical conventions of the art form.

ITC has a strong commitment to recruit, hire, train, nurture, and retain the highest caliber of talent as its primary core of featured artists, and to provide those artists with competitive professional wages for their services. The company celebrates diversity by actively seeking out scripts that include major roles for women and minorities, as well as adhering to a general policy of inclusive casting of nontraditional actors in various roles.

ITC is dedicated to educational and community outreach through the development of initiatives such as internships for students, classes and workshops for the general public, and mutually-beneficial, cooperative efforts with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.